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People Of Personality
Adds Excitement Back to Swimwear

For guys who love to work out, there are several lifestyle aspects that are important to them. You need effective gym routines and a consistent gym schedule. You also need to fuel your workouts with a balanced diet and targeted supplementation. You’re always working toward achieving your best body. But more important than everything you’ve done to get your body, you want to show it off. You’ve probably found that most brands offer swimwear that’s lackluster, cumbersome, or just too big. That’s where People Of Personality comes in. Finally, there’s a brand that’s creating bold, exciting swimwear pieces for guys like you.

People Of Personality was founded back in 2006 by Pop Teerawat Techotithipakorn in Los Angeles. But after careful consideration, the brand relocated to Bangkok, Thailand in 2013 to serve the swimwear needs of the local people.

Though its home base is in Bangkok, People Of Personality offers free standard shipping worldwide-a rarity in the consumer market.

For the 2016 collection, People Of Personality drew inspiration from the classic styles of fashion’s past. In the 1950s, men’s swimwear was full of classic yet bold prints. A day at the beach or the local pool was a fashion statement. With this collection, athletic guys can take a trip back in time with designs that evoke the best of yesteryear while still providing all the comfort of modern day.

Made in a signature brief silhouette, these trunks bring style and sex appeal to the shore. This is ideal swimwear for the guy who works hard in the gym and is ready to show off his results. Among the many styles that are sure to catch your eye, the Yellow Black Polka Dot, Stripes Black & White, Royal Dark Blue & White Stripe Print, and B/W Polkadot Print Swimwear pieces all recall classic menswear while still allowing for fun and a cheeky sense of humor.

For guys who are a bit more traditional, there are several solid prints on hand. The Deep Ocean Blue Swimwear offers a vivid blue hue with a statement gold drawstring tie. The Happy Yellow, Incredible Red, Magenta Harmony, Posh Black, and White Orchid Swimwear all offer the same modern benefits but in a more classic fashion.

And for the rebel, the guy who wants to show off and attract attention, there are a series of bold prints that look to the future of swimwear design. The Paisley Print Swimwear showcases the classic pattern against a teal background. The Galaxy Print Swimwear features a spaced out design reminiscent of your favorite sci-fi movie or novel.

People Of Personality represents a breath of fresh air in men’s swimwear. It’s the perfect combination of bold color, eye-catching patterns, modern design, and masculine sex appeal. For the guy who’s looking for comfort without sacrificing style, look no further. This is a brand that recognizes your need to be who you are while still having fun. People Of Personality is the go-to destination for the best men’s swimwear.
LINE ID: @popstudio
Email: Teerawat.Techotithipakorn@gmail.com
People Of Personality: 778/256 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok , 10110 Thailand